What's Good with Repro Part 2
What's Good Ohio?!October 05, 202300:40:1736.89 MB

What's Good with Repro Part 2

This week, hosts James Hayes and Sarah Rodenberg speak with Gabriel Mann, Communications Director with Pro-Choice Ohio and Ohioans United for Reproductive Rights. In our first episode, we heard from Jordyn Close about the signature gathering process to get abortion on the ballot, and now reproductive rights is officially on the ballot on November 7 as Issue 1!

Gabe mentions the August special election as a tactic anti-abortion extremists tried to use to stop the amendment to get reproductive rights in the Constitution, but Ohioans came together to defeat that issue. You can listen to our post-August special election episode

Check out readtheamendment.com to read the Issue 1 amendment language for yourself. 

Visit the Ohioans United for Reproductive Rights website for volunteer opportunities to get involved with the fight with the Issue 1 coalition. 

The OURR coalition is made up of many amazing organizations, led by: Pro-Choice Ohio, Planned Parenthood Advocates of Ohio, Abortion Fund of Ohio, Ohio Women’s Alliance, Preterm Cleveland, ACLU of Ohio, and Ohio Physicians for Reproductive Rights. Check out these groups, volunteer with them, and donate to their work. 

After voting in the election and getting your friends to vote yes on Issue 1, continue to support abortion funds and abortion providers in the state, whose work will continue past November 7. 

Make sure you are registered and have a plan to vote. Talk to your friends and neighbors to ensure everyone’s voter registration is up to date and understand what Issue 1 is about.