What's Good Ohio?!

What's Good Ohio?!

February 15, 202400:26:0023.81 MB

What's Good with Redistricting

Welcome to Season 2 of the What’s Good Ohio?! podcast! Hosts James Hayes and Sarah Rodenberg...

November 15, 202300:40:3837.21 MB

What's Good with the November 2023 Election

Ohio has made history, and this week, we dive in to debrief the November 2023 election. Hosts Jame...

November 02, 202300:45:1841.48 MB

What's Good with Alternative Care Response

This week, hosts James Hayes and Sarah Rodenberg speak with Stephen David, an organizer with the C...

October 19, 202300:31:5729.25 MB

What's Good with Ohio Education

We begin the show with an acknowledgement of the violence currently unfolding against Palestinian ...

October 05, 202300:40:1736.89 MB

What's Good with Repro Part 2

This week, hosts James Hayes and Sarah Rodenberg speak with Gabriel Mann, Communications Director ...


Welcome to What's Good Ohio?! A podcast from Ohio Voice and Policy Matters Ohio.

Each episode, we’ll talk to the activists, organizers, visionaries and good-trouble makers coming
together to make our state better for everyone—no exceptions.

Too often, Ohio makes the national news for all the wrong reasons. We’re out here talking with
real Ohioans about what’s good, and how we can make things even better.

Whether you’re organizing for a People’s Budget, standing up to militarized police, or fighting
for environmental equity, we want to hear about it.

In big cities, in farm country, in Appalachia, small towns and suburbs, Ohioans know how to
support each other, and we know what keeps us safe.

So let’s talk about it. It’s time to tell the world about what’s good, here in Ohio.

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