What's Good with Ohio Education
What's Good Ohio?!October 19, 202300:31:5729.25 MB

What's Good with Ohio Education

We begin the show with an acknowledgement of the violence currently unfolding against Palestinian and Israeli people. We read a snippet from a statement from State Representative Munira Yasin Abdullahi. You can read the full statement on Twitter and Instagram.

This week, hosts James Hayes and Ben Stein speak with Arianna Kelawala, the Educating for Ohio’s Future campaign organizer with OPAWL — Building AAPI Feminist Leadership.

Educating for Ohio’s Future is a campaign advocating for an updated K-12 social studies model curriculum that fully reflects Ohioans' backgrounds and histories. The campaign includes a broad coalition of more than 40 organizations, including the Ohio Federation of Teachers, Ohio Education Association, and Ohio Council for the Social Studies, and is led by OPAWL — Building AAPI Feminist Leadership, Honesty for Ohio Education, CAIR-Ohio, Young Latino Network, and The Freedom BLOC.

House Bill 171 is a bill currently in the Ohio House of Representatives sponsored by Rep. Mary Lightbody. HB 171 would update the K-12 social studies model curriculum in Ohio to reflect all Ohioans’ backgrounds and histories in order to help our kids understand the world, build empathy, and create better futures. You can read HB 171 here.

Take action to support HB 171: Send a letter to the Primary and Secondary Education Committee calling on the state legislators to schedule a proponent hearing so Ohioans can share why this bill needs to be a top priority this year.

Learn more about the Educating for Ohio’s Future campaign on the website. Sign up to get updates from the campaign, and if you are with an organization interested in endorsing the campaign, your organization can sign-on here.